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Give a Caribbean Hamper This Valentines Xx

Obligatory Teddy, no way I hear you scream! Whether looking for a gift or something special for your loved one this valentine’s day, look no further than our Caribbean gifts range!

Readymade and create your own hampers, sauce tray gifts and Dutch pot gifts we’ve got it all at prices you will love.

Click HERE to view the range…..happy VALENTINES Xx

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R.I.P JIMMY: Ridley Road Market Say’s Goodbye To Meat Connoisseur


The new year started on a massive high, and then I learned some really sad news. Hackney’s finest butcher “Jimmy” who had a shop in East London’s famous “Ridley road market” for over 25 years died on the 3rd January.

Known for his incredibly funny humor and extensive knowledge on meat and Caribbean foods, Jimmy had the entire Caribbean community leaving all corners of the UK, just to purchase he’s fine meats.

Now Jimmy’s meat was not nooooo ordinary meat, he always made sure to give you some good bone with your goat, he always kept he’s meat in a large chiller, he never sold overnight meat and even if you had £4.00 in money, he would still serve you up a good bag of pork, goat or lamb.

Jimmy you will be sadly missed, my thoughts go out to your family at this time.
Update: Although Jimmy has sadly passed, the meat shop continues to supply delicious Caribbean meats and products and can be found at Ridley Road, Hackney, London E8 2LH

Do you have fond memories shopping at Jimmy’s? If so get posting on the comments let us know your thoughts.

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Congrats!!! Meet the lucky Caribb gift basket winner

Caribb gift basket winner!

Congratulations goes out to one lucky lady, who won the beautiful Caribbean gift basket (courtesy of Tee’s Caribbean recipe kits), at the Southbank wealth creation event.

Raffle tickets to win the delicious gift basket was £1.00 and all proceeds went to charity.

Keep posted to the fan page, newsletters, and website and this could be you 🙂 

Editor- Sherene buy jamaican food online

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Caribb food tasting at the Borehamwood Spring Fair!!!

Yes indeed you are looking at the lovely Shenley cricket grounds!

Hi Caribb foodies,
Woah it seems like ages since I posted a blog over here….we’ll on a real note it has been ages, because I have been writing over on our new blog located at  

Now some of you may be wondering so why are you still blogging over here??? We’ll if the truth be told, it’s because no matter how many times I put the word out that it’s happening over at everyone still seems to love it over here far more.

Now You guys know I blog, run the store, post updates just for you, so if you want the blog to stay here, here it stays 🙂

Moving swiftly on 🙂 I have great news… how would you like to sample some tasty Caribbean fare (for FREE), and get to meet the Caribbean recipe kits team??? We’ll it’s going to be possible as Caribbean recipe kits, are going to be one of the exhibitors at “The Borehamwood Spring Fare” on Thursday the 31st March 2011 at the Shenley Cricket Centre .

On the day you will be able to view a range of delicious Caribbean gift baskets (just in time for mother’s day :-), and a range of delicious recipe kits as well as sample lots of tasty tropical snacks, juices and buns. There will also be many other delightful exhibitors providing  Jewelry, books, toys, gifts, toiletries, clothes, greetings cards, beauty products, homeopathic products, scrapbooking products and child / baby products.

Event Details

Date: 31st March 2011
Time: 4pm-7pm
Cost: FREE
Shenley Cricket Centre
Radlett Lane,

There will also be a children’s area and a refreshment area.

To find out more information about the Borehamwood spring fair, contact Yvette Segal on 07958 749025.

We look forward to seeing you there! 


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It’s CARIBB-MAS TIME at Caribbean recipe kits!!!

Hey mi Caribb food friends,

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It’s been an even greater week than usual, as we have decorated the store in celebration for CARIBB-MAS!!!

If you have not seen it already, visit the store NOW and explore all the festive surprises and treats we have waiting for YOU.

Better still drop us your thoughts on the new look store, and who knows di best comments may get a likkle someting someting FREE in the post!

Also BIG UP all those trick or treaters, who cleaned mi sweet tin dry. I guess this will teach me not to give out tasty Caribbean sweets such as Buster, bon bon and ice mint as the little ghouls wouldn’t stop ring mi door bell :0)

Speaking of Halloween and all things cold, we have stocked our shelves with some delicious herbal teas. We have the official Caribbean dreams herbal teas that feature ginger, Bissy, peppermint plus lots more click HERE to view the range. Now guys if you have ever doubted the power of Caribbean herbal tea, read the story below…

LISTEN UP! Grace mini Vienna SPICY HOT sausages are now in THE BUILDING!

If you love hot dogs you will love these mini sausages, as they have a nice slightly seasoned flavor with a hint of Caribb spice click HERE to view.

Until next time “Likkle more mi friends”  – Sherene x

Ps: Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog as it is full to the BRIM of Caribbean cooking tips, food talk and delicious cooking pictures.

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How to cook fried dumplings (Video) PT2 is AVAILABLE NOW!!!

So wi really are getting into producing youtube videos, as we believe it’s a great way to share cooking tips with you guys.

So we launched our “How to cook fried dumplings video PT1″ and as we went to upload part 2 of the video, a whole bag ah tings (meaning lots of things) start happen and we were delayed in putting up the video.

 During this time we had e-mail behind e-mail, all asking the same question

Well guys we are now proud to say that part two of the “How to cook fried dumpling video” is now available to watch so enjoy :0)

Ps: Mek sure yuh subscribe to our youtube channel, where you will get instant updates of our new cooking videos! SUBSCRIBE NOW

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New Stock Has Just ARRIVED!!!

Hey mi Caribb food friends,

What ah busy time we’ve been having, at Caribbean recipe kit towers.

First of all we were invited to an outdoor food fest in West London, all courtesy of top social networking site YELP (you can see the pics by clicking HERE). 

The food was SWEEEEEET we were treated to an outside cinema, popcorn, crepes, freshly baked cookies, tostadas, sushi plus a performance from the roller girls.

Guys if you have not joined YELP, you are seriously missing out, there’s a great bunch of peeps over there, and you get to attend some fantastic food events!

Also with Christmas fast approaching, the recipe kits team have had sooo many requests, for various Caribbean treats gifts etc.

SO we have honored your requests, by creating a BRAND NEW range of Caribbean gift baskets.

Guys these gift baskets are soooo pretty, and contain all your favorite tasty Caribbean snacks and gifts.

And for those (picky picky) (meaning fussy) Caribb foodies, we have even created a range of create your own gift baskets. So you can choose exactly what you want in your gift basket.

I’m not even gonna tell you any more about the gift baskets, take a look by clicking HERE.

And for those of you who lurve yuh Caribbean food, but don’t always have time to trawl the market for your essential ingredients. Visit our FULLY STOCKED new Caribbean groceries category, where you will find all your favorite Caribbean food brands and products at unbeatable prices SHOP NOW.

Tee's Caribbean Spice Tray

How uno so lucky eeh?

Until next time “mi gawn”  – Sherene x

Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog as it is full to the BRIM of Caribbean cooking tips, food talk and delicious cooking pictures!

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