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BEAUTUFULL!!! Grenada a True Paradise in the Sun

There’s an under-travelled gem in the Caribbean, a place where few tread. Pristine beaches and untouched jungle await you, all you have to do is go. This place, this slice of heaven, is Grenada. Grenada hasn’t been in the mind of most since the 1980s, when times were much different. Since, Grenada has turned into a budding tourist hotspot, host to some of the most beautiful vistas in the Western hemisphere. Being in Grenada is like turning the volume down on your life, slowing things down.

Here, then, is a place completely separate from the world you leave behind. When you come to Grenada, you leave behind who you are, and create who you want to be from the tropical sands and heat and saltwater. Looking out over the waves, you’ll slowly dissolve and become a creature of instinct: you do what you want, purely because you want to.

A hike through the local jungles bring you closer to nature, the heat and life of it all. You feel the world swarm about your head, spinning and turning, you’re lost in it all. Air rushes around you as you jump from a waterfall into a lagoon below, and swim into an underground cave where you’re alone with your thoughts. The streets of cities greet you, bustling hives of activity: smells, sights, sounds assault your senses.

You make your way down to a party on the beach at night, and you’re treated to some of the most amazing food in the world, treats like oil down, karhee, aloo pie and doubles are all on offer. While you eat, locals play music, everything is lit by torches; you dance the night away, dip in the ocean and feel sleep take you on the beach. With your stomach full of delicious Caribbean food, sleep takes you easy, and you wake to a breath taking sunrise.

I may have painted an unbelievable picture here, but this is truly how it is. When you live in the Caribbean, in paradise, your life has more meaning: things taste better, air is cleaner, you feel more alive day by day. The fatigue leaves your bones and on the return flight home you feel refreshed, born anew.

This could be your life, if only for a few weeks, in Grenada. Island life is something everyone must experience once to say they’ve truly lived, and there’s no better time or place than the present and Grenada. Pack your bags and get moving, all of this won’t exist forever; you need to get your piece of it, enjoy it and sample it and pack it up for later while you can.

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R.I.P JIMMY: Ridley Road Market Say’s Goodbye To Meat Connoisseur


The new year started on a massive high, and then I learned some really sad news. Hackney’s finest butcher “Jimmy” who had a shop in East London’s famous “Ridley road market” for over 25 years died on the 3rd January.

Known for his incredibly funny humor and extensive knowledge on meat and Caribbean foods, Jimmy had the entire Caribbean community leaving all corners of the UK, just to purchase he’s fine meats.

Now Jimmy’s meat was not nooooo ordinary meat, he always made sure to give you some good bone with your goat, he always kept he’s meat in a large chiller, he never sold overnight meat and even if you had £4.00 in money, he would still serve you up a good bag of pork, goat or lamb.

Jimmy you will be sadly missed, my thoughts go out to your family at this time.
Update: Although Jimmy has sadly passed, the meat shop continues to supply delicious Caribbean meats and products and can be found at Ridley Road, Hackney, London E8 2LH

Do you have fond memories shopping at Jimmy’s? If so get posting on the comments let us know your thoughts.

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Join “The Levi Roots Experience” Tour!!!!

Levi Roots at Jobs & Careers Fair, Hammersmith...

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Brixton’s finest Levi Roots is hosting a reggaetastic food tour called “The Levi Roots Experience”.

Join Levi as he takes to the stage, with an unforgettable showcase of music and food.

Current locations for this tour is Manchester academy (26th March), and Plymouth university (31st March).

For more information and to book your tickets visit:

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