The New Wonders of The World Wide Web…

10 Aug

untitledfdgdI’m an avid internet surfer, always browsing the net for this or researching that, geesh you just have to mention something or I see something in a mag and I’m grabbing my smart phone to go online and find out more lool Tho… whilst surfing the net is fun and can keep you occupied for a fair few mins…ok I lied I mean hours lol  not everything you see is readable or should I said is worth wasting your time to read.

For example, during my web surfing I’ve stumbled on a women knitting with wool from her “eh hum cough” you know what, a well-known rap group proclaiming to be booty eaters and a small in height but almost 250 pound in weight kid dancing and shaking what his mama gave him for all and sundry to see!!! So you can imagine my delight to stumble on a truly amazing, actually scrap that refreshing blog called MrsBxplainsitall.

This blog is a breath of fresh air compared to the majority of manufactured marketed crap, that’s being churned out at the moment. What’s actually got me checking the site daily is the real and candidness of the author (MrsB). She seems to just tell it like it is, laid bare warts and all.

There’s this mega funny post called I got a new job…well sort of believe me it’s sOOOOo funny I’ve never read someone’s experience of work described / written like that, it had me chuckling for days…Kinda reminded me of my boss actually lol

But enough of me rambling on it’s late and I got work tomorrow and other stuff that’ll keep me occupied for the next four years, until I get round to posting another update.








So until next time… Caribbean Recipe Kits

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