R.I.P: Whitney Houston

14 Feb

Since 2012 started it just seems like so many people are losing their precious lives, I was in utter shock when I heard Whitney Houston had passed over the weekend.

I mean we all know she had problems and issues she was probably working through but geez losing Whitney?

This woman was one of my idols back in the day she always had such confidence, poise and was so self assured, through her music she made you feel like you could be anything you wanted in the world.

In tribute to the beautiful talented Whitney, I just had to post two of the songs she sang that helped shaped who I am today.

Ps: Whilst browsing the net I came across a really nice/thoughtful poem and thought I’d re post it for you to read, I think the words sum up Whitney beautifully.

“Whitney, you were “Waiting to Exhale” and trying to figure out “Why Does It Hurt So Bad”. In spite of it all, you really wanted that “One Moment in Time” where somebody could say “Count on Me” and really mean it. So in your process of “Getting to Happy”, you turned to God and said “How Will I Know” that you’re “All The Man I Need” when “I Look to You” and He replied “I Will Always Love You” …


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