Why buying fruits in the market is a good idea!

07 Sep

You know your stuck in a fruit rut, when the only fruit you seem to be eating is  apples, pears, oranges and all the other common fruit you can buy in the supermarket.

I know it’s so easy to grab what fruit you can in the supermarket because it’s convenient, but putting  out that little extra effort and visiting some good food markets, you can find the most amazing Caribbean fruits.

I mean who can resist those bustling markets, shouts of “haaaaaaave a looooook have a look, and loud conversations about the quality and prices of products?

And let’s not forget the sheer variety of tropical fruits on offer guinep (I will do a post about this shortly), tamarind, Julie mango, June plums, jelly coconuts and something I stumbled on over the weekend SWEET SOP!

Sweet sop also known as custard apple or sugar apple is a roundish (Grenade shaped) fruit, the skin has a really ridged but soft feel (so soft that when ripe you could dig your fingers into the fruit).

Originally grown in Jamaica sweet sop has a slight sweet taste, and has a texture similar to mushy red apples or mushy pear.

Luckily the ones I bought were already ripe, so the same time these baby’s reached my kitchen counter I cut them up and started the eating!

Editor Sherene –

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