Autumn Favourite: Hearty Caribbean Chicken Soup!

23 Aug

The autumn is slowly creeping upon us, the nights are getting chilly and the days grim…that means only one thing in my house bring on the SOUP!

I didn’t waste anytime, early Saturday Morning I was up and out in search of some fresh hard food, meat and spices. As per usual I was out nice and early so I got some fit (good) pumpkin, some nice yellow yam, a couple of coco, a big sweet potatoes and some cho cho.

When I reached back home, I didn’t even pack the food away, when it’s soup day I like to start my soup from early because soup is something that you don’t want to be eating too late in the night.

I put on my Beres Hammond CD and the soup making starts to take place.

Because Caribbean soup is so hearty it’s not something you want to rush, so my chicken soup had ample amount of time to boil and simmer before the serving.

Talking of serving….. Caribbean Chicken Soup anyone?

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