Tip of the day: How to stop your yam’s turning black!

20 Aug

Hey Caribbean food lovers,
I had a fabulous evening yesterday, we had some friends over for dinner and I decided to cook my signature Curry chicken and hard food.

What made the cooking so great yesterday, is that my husband joined me in the kitchen, which always makes for great cooking as we laugh, and combine our own individual cooking skills which always results in really tasty food.

As my husband was peeling  and chopping the yams, I noticed that the yams were starting to turn slightly dark in colour, so I reminded him to use the
“Keep the yams from going black technique”.

I know you guys are probably thinking what is that?

Well the “Keep the yams from going black technique” is a simple trick to stop yam from turning dark, (even black) when you have chopped them.

All you have to do is have a medium bowl filled half way with cold water to hand  (before chopping peeling and chopping your yam), then as you chop each yam place it in the bowl of water.

This will keep the yams from turning a dark colour, and will ensure you have fluffy light coloured yams for your end meal.

Peeling Di Yam

Try your hand at cooking yams and hard food, it really is simple. CLICK  HERE and purchase your very own hard food recipe kit, that also includes a FREE easy to follow recipe card!

Do you have any cooking tips, tricks or cheats when preparing your Caribbean tasties? If so share them with us fellow Caribbean foodies.

Editor – Sherene

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