Why it’s essential to know the best “Caribbean food brands”

18 Aug

As you go shopping today, and you walk down the Caribbean food isle. You will see a wide variety of products all packaged neatly, and with eye catching phrases such as “The tastiest” “Authentic” “best tasting” .

But what surprises me, is that half the products you are looking at, don’t actually do what they say they do on the label.

For example recently I decided to purchase a well known brand of chicken seasoning (as I didn’t have time to visit my secret place. to get my usual seasonings), as I was going to cook some stew chicken.

Upon opening the seasoning I noticed it was yellow/mustard in colour (for those of you who are not familiar with chicken seasoning, it should be more orangey brown in colour).

Never the less I thought maybe the brand is experimenting with new chicken seasoning colour.

As I started to add the chicken seasoning to my chicken, I was horrified to discover the chicken seasoning had some kind of curry powder in there, which resulted in my chicken not looking like brown stew chicken but curry chicken!

When did chicken seasoning contain curry powder?

And why wasn’t the chicken seasoning advertised, as chicken & curry powder seasoning?

I guess this situation really brought home why it is ESSENTIAL that you know what brand of  ingredients to buy/use when cooking Caribbean food.

As  my chicken/curry dilemma shows  poorly produced caribb food products, can significantly reduce the flavour or completely ruin your caribb dish.

Have your say, is there any products you’ve used that has ruined or altered your Caribbean dishes?

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