8 Quick Tips To Handling “Scotch Bonnet Peppers”

16 Aug

Scotch bonnet peppers, you either love the or you hate them, but what is it that makes our  little coloured friends so intriguing?

How much is too much? Is there a way to experience the flavour of scotch bonnet pepper, without having to run your tongue under a tap of cold water for 10 minutes…

Read on and discover 8 easy tips to handling and enjoying scotch bonnet peppers.

Tip 1: If you want the essence or aroma of pepper in your dish, for example (the heat of black pepper).  Simply put the whole scotch bonnet pepper, into your dish. However this method is only suitable for stocks, stews or soups, and BE CAREFULL not to burst the pepper!

Tip 2:
If you like mild spice simply use 2 or 3 thin slices of the skin (ensure you cut the scotch bonnet pepper from the bottom, i.e the part that does not have the black/brown stalk).

Tip 3: If you lurve your spice use all the skin (take care not to use the parts near or around the seeds).

Tip 4: If you love to feel the sting of scotch bonnet pepper, use all the skin and some (not all) of the seeds.

Tip 5: For fully fledged scotch bonnet pepper connoisseurs, use the whole pepper including the stalk (do not chop the stalk though).

Tip 6: Use a knife and fork to cut the pepper, this will stop the sting getting on your hands.

Tip 7: NEVER rub your eyes, touch your tongue or any other sensitive body part, for at least one hour after handling Scotch bonnet pepper.

Tip 8: Cut the amount of pepper you require, and store the excess in the freezer (up to one month)

Scotch bonnet peppers are extremely HOT, but if handled in the right way can bring a warm exciting flavour to any dish.

What do you think of scotch bonnet peppers? Share your scotch bonnet pepper adventures below.

"Feel di heat of di peppa"

Editor – Sherene

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