How To Create ANY Delicious Caribbean Dish in 5 EASY Steps!!!

10 Aug

Hi Guys,
After speaking to many Customers and listening to their cooking queries, it’s become apparent that some of you are still not quite sure how, if or weather a Caribbean recipe kit is for you.

In fact one of the most frequent comments is “I love Caribbean food, however I could never cook it, it’s too difficult”.

Soooo I’ve come to tell you today guys that cooking Caribbean food IS NOT DIFFICULT, and to prove it I’m going to give you 5 quick steps to creating delicious traditional Caribbean dishes.

Step 1. Order your Caribbean recipe kit online at

Step 2.
Use the EASY to follow recipe card included

Step 3.
Use the fresh hand picked Caribbean ingredients included in the kit

Step 4.
Add basic fridge & pantry items

Step 5. Enjoy your home made authentic Caribbean dish

And there you have it, a DELICIOUS Caribbean dish in 5 EASY steps.

So what are you waiting for, order your favourite kit online today at

Editor – Sherene

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