Why it’s best to marinate your meat or fish overnight!!!

09 Aug

So here’s the dilemma, many people wonder what the difference is between seasoning your meat for 2 hours, or marinading your meat overnight.

Read on lovers of Caribbean food, as I’m going to explain the pros and cons of each seasoning method.

Marinading you meat/fish for 2 hours:

The meat/fish can be cooked on the same day

The meat/fish has less flavour
The meat/fish tends to be tougher in texture
The meat/fish has a rawish (like my new word) taste

Marinading you meat/fish overnight

Meat/fish tastes more flavoursome
Meat/fish is more tender
The meat/fish produces extra water in the overnight marinade process, which in turn makes a very rich gravy

You have to wait until the next day to cook your meal

So there you have it next time you decide to season some meat/fish, bring out it’s entire flavour by marinading it overnight!

Succulent chicken marinaded overnight

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