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04 Aug

Caribbean food it’s mysterious, it’s tasty, is flavorful, it’s exciting, it’s easy to prepare and cook….YES I did say it’s EASY TO PREPARE AND COOK!

Guys I know when you eat Caribbean food, you think how in the earth have these ingredients been blended together to create such tropical tastes, and why when I follow most Caribbean recipe cards, cook books and t.v programmes, does my Carib cooking still not taste right.

Read on for a small snippet of our most asked questions, and our answers…..and don’t be shy guys keep those Caribb cooking questions rolling, and we’ll offer tips to get you on your way to Carib cooking heaven.   

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What is scallions?
Scallions (known in Europe as spring onions) are long green thin sticks, with white bulb shaped bases. They are used in cooking Caribbean dishes such as rice and peas, soups and saltfish.

What is Allspice?
All spice (also known as pimento) is the dried fruit of the pimento dioica plant.

What is the difference between lamb/mutton?
Lamb has a more tender texture, as it is usually slaughtered between 4 and 12 months old, whereas mutton is slaughtered much older, leaving the meat to have a tougher stronger flavour


What is the reason for leaving meat/poultry to marinade overnight?
Marinating meat overnight gives the meat a stronger and fuller flavour, than if the meat was seasoned and cooked immediately.

How do I cook saltfish with ought it being too salty?
Pre soak the salt fish for 1-2 hours in fresh cold water before cooking (ensure you change the water after the first hour), this should remove most of the salt.

The first step to great Caribbean cooking is knowing your ingredients!

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