Why Children & “Cooking” Equal Inspiration!!

03 Aug

Last night I decided we would have pork chops, mash potatoes, carrots and green beans for dinner, and my daughter (ever the helpful cupcake) decided she wanted to help cook.

I love when my daughter gets involved in cooking, as it is a time when we bond together, discuss ingredients and it’s a time when she shares some fabulous ideas, of what she thinks food is about and how food should be combined.

When the meal was cooked, she decided she wanted to decorate the plate (see pic below).

With a little help (from moi) she arranged the veg and meat, and stood back and said “This is edible pig”. I looked at her then I looked at the plate, then I looked back at her and said “Why have you named this dish edible pig”.

My daughter said ” because the bottom of the meat looks like its tail, and the green looks like it’s nose”.

To be honest I still do not see the edible pig my daughter created, however I do see her clever use of  shape, pattern and textures using food!

Thought of the day: When in need of fresh inspiration look no further than children!
Children have the ability to see the world how it can be and not how it is, which allows  them to be little bundles of great ideas and inspiration!

"An edible Pig"

An edible pig designed by my daughter

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