5 Ways to store your left over Caribbean food!

30 Jul

Leftovers is one of those things that you either love or hate. Some argue that food left over should be thrown away, as there’s no need to eat food cooked the day before as it tastes bad, it’s not fresh, you can get tummy ache etc etc.

However in most Caribbean homes eating leftovers which is called (overnight food) is as common as drinking water. It’s quite normal to hear most Caribbean’s say “cooked food tastes better the following day”.

Weather you like or loathe leftovers, when using your Tee’s Caribbean recipe kits you are bound to have leftovers from your reggalicious dishes. So read on and discover 5 great tips on how to store your Caribbean leftovers…

1. Always transfer left over food to containers (that have a lid) as soon as it is cooled

This is very important as placing hot food in to a fridge, will cause bacteria to multiply and possibly contaminate the other foods in your fridge.

2. Never store left overs that have been left out on a stove all day
This one is a big NO NO by the time early evening has set in, bacteria would have begun to form in the food, which if consumed would leave you feeling very ill.

3.  Only re heat your leftovers once
It may not do you any harm to re heat your leftovers multiple times. However every time you cool down and re heat your leftover, the food begins to break down in texture, taste, colour and smell. Therefore your meal would be so visually unappealing (and smelling) that you wouldn’t want to eat it.

4. When placing leftovers in the freezer consume within one month
This is recommended because after one month, the texture and taste of the food begins to change. So your tastyAckee and saltfish dish may later taste like Ackee, freezer ice and saltfish!

5. When placing leftovers in the refrigerator consume within 1 day
We highly recommend this because Caribbean leftovers stored in a fridge for more than a day, can become hard and a little bit dry.

Save money by storing your Caribbean left overs!

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