Why there really is miracles in Caribbean herb teas…

29 Jul

Often many people wonder if all those stories they hear, about drinking or eating certain Caribbean products can really heal ailments. If you’ve ever had any doubts about this, the following account may just change your mind.

Earlier today I had some errands to run about the town, and (I have to write this in large bold letters) STUPIDLY decided I was going to skip breakfast.

At around 12.30pm (I still hadn’t managed to grab anything to eat) I suddenly developed the most  painful headache, which then seemed to give me pain in my teeth, and then I started to feel dizzy with a hot burning sensation, that began to  run AWOL in my body. It got so bad that I abandoned my errands, and swiftly made my way home.

Once I got in I felt even worse, I still had all the symptoms I mentioned above, as well now feeling that I wanted to throw up.

I thought to myself  all these symptoms do not feel right, so I did what my mum would always do when I was a kid.
I went in to my kitchen, and make a cup of boiling hot Bissy tea.

And friends no word of a lie after half an hour of drinking the hot cup of Bissy, every single one of those pains disappeared!

I mean it was as if all those things I had been feeling earlier had never happened…..

What is Bissy?
Bissy also known as (cola nut) is mostly grown in the west indies and west africa, and is most commonly used in the form of tea (although many use it by chewing the seed) to relieve motion sickness, migraines, diarrhea and to remove toxins and poison from the body.

So you see some Caribbean herb teas, do what they say they do (we’ll it does for  me)

But before you all go out hunting down Bissy tea, BE WARNED you may find it extremely hard to get hold of here in the UK. The stash I have was bought for me, by my relatives who live in Jamaica.

But watch this space as this is one item, that will shortly be appearing in the Caribbeanrecipekit store…

Bissy tea does what it Say's it does!

The tea that brought me back to health!

Editor Sherene –

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