Whos Faking The Jerk Chicken???

28 Jul

Hi all,
Today I need to get something off my chest, Jerk chicken sellers I’ve got my eyes on you…

Lately I’ve noticed an influx of Jerk chicken vendors, popping up all over London. Every vendor claims to have the tastiest, original Jamaican Jerk chicken.

However it’s only when you take a closer look, that you’re faced with the real reality….that their authentic Jamaican jerk chicken is far from authentic.

I’m mean come on  Jerk chicken that has no smell or smells like roast cooked chicken, purchased in a supermarket deli is hardly authentic.

Luckily for me and YOU this is not a problem, as I have a sure fire way to spot out original tasty jerk chicken, without spending a penny…

“when buying Jerk chicken at Carnival or at a street side pub,  if all you can smell is smoke WALK ON, however if you smell herbs and spices push everyone out the way, get to the front and get your Jerk chicken because this means this seller is cooking traditional authentic Jerk chicken mon”!

Tee’s Caribbean Recipe Kits – finger lickin “Jerk Chicken”

One piece of Jerk is never enough!

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