The New Wonders of The World Wide Web…

untitledfdgdI’m an avid internet surfer, always browsing the net for this or researching that, geesh you just have to mention something or I see something in a mag and I’m grabbing my smart phone to go online and find out more lool Tho… whilst surfing the net is fun and can keep you occupied for a fair few mins…ok I lied I mean hours lol  not everything you see is readable or should I said is worth wasting your time to read.

For example, during my web surfing I’ve stumbled on a women knitting with wool from her “eh hum cough” you know what, a well-known rap group proclaiming to be booty eaters and a small in height but almost 250 pound in weight kid dancing and shaking what his mama gave him for all and sundry to see!!! So you can imagine my delight to stumble on a truly amazing, actually scrap that refreshing blog called MrsBxplainsitall.

This blog is a breath of fresh air compared to the majority of manufactured marketed crap, that’s being churned out at the moment. What’s actually got me checking the site daily is the real and candidness of the author (MrsB). She seems to just tell it like it is, laid bare warts and all.

There’s this mega funny post called I got a new job…well sort of believe me it’s sOOOOo funny I’ve never read someone’s experience of work described / written like that, it had me chuckling for days…Kinda reminded me of my boss actually lol

But enough of me rambling on it’s late and I got work tomorrow and other stuff that’ll keep me occupied for the next four years, until I get round to posting another update.








So until next time… Caribbean Recipe Kits

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21-year-old rum gets new look… http://

21-year-old rum gets new look…

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R.I.P: Whitney Houston

Since 2012 started it just seems like so many people are losing their precious lives, I was in utter shock when I heard Whitney Houston had passed over the weekend.

I mean we all know she had problems and issues she was probably working through but geez losing Whitney?

This woman was one of my idols back in the day she always had such confidence, poise and was so self assured, through her music she made you feel like you could be anything you wanted in the world.

In tribute to the beautiful talented Whitney, I just had to post two of the songs she sang that helped shaped who I am today.

Ps: Whilst browsing the net I came across a really nice/thoughtful poem and thought I’d re post it for you to read, I think the words sum up Whitney beautifully.

“Whitney, you were “Waiting to Exhale” and trying to figure out “Why Does It Hurt So Bad”. In spite of it all, you really wanted that “One Moment in Time” where somebody could say “Count on Me” and really mean it. So in your process of “Getting to Happy”, you turned to God and said “How Will I Know” that you’re “All The Man I Need” when “I Look to You” and He replied “I Will Always Love You” …


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Give a Caribbean Hamper This Valentines Xx

Obligatory Teddy, no way I hear you scream! Whether looking for a gift or something special for your loved one this valentine’s day, look no further than our Caribbean gifts range!

Readymade and create your own hampers, sauce tray gifts and Dutch pot gifts we’ve got it all at prices you will love.

Click HERE to view the range…..happy VALENTINES Xx

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BEAUTUFULL!!! Grenada a True Paradise in the Sun

There’s an under-travelled gem in the Caribbean, a place where few tread. Pristine beaches and untouched jungle await you, all you have to do is go. This place, this slice of heaven, is Grenada. Grenada hasn’t been in the mind of most since the 1980s, when times were much different. Since, Grenada has turned into a budding tourist hotspot, host to some of the most beautiful vistas in the Western hemisphere. Being in Grenada is like turning the volume down on your life, slowing things down.

Here, then, is a place completely separate from the world you leave behind. When you come to Grenada, you leave behind who you are, and create who you want to be from the tropical sands and heat and saltwater. Looking out over the waves, you’ll slowly dissolve and become a creature of instinct: you do what you want, purely because you want to.

A hike through the local jungles bring you closer to nature, the heat and life of it all. You feel the world swarm about your head, spinning and turning, you’re lost in it all. Air rushes around you as you jump from a waterfall into a lagoon below, and swim into an underground cave where you’re alone with your thoughts. The streets of cities greet you, bustling hives of activity: smells, sights, sounds assault your senses.

You make your way down to a party on the beach at night, and you’re treated to some of the most amazing food in the world, treats like oil down, karhee, aloo pie and doubles are all on offer. While you eat, locals play music, everything is lit by torches; you dance the night away, dip in the ocean and feel sleep take you on the beach. With your stomach full of delicious Caribbean food, sleep takes you easy, and you wake to a breath taking sunrise.

I may have painted an unbelievable picture here, but this is truly how it is. When you live in the Caribbean, in paradise, your life has more meaning: things taste better, air is cleaner, you feel more alive day by day. The fatigue leaves your bones and on the return flight home you feel refreshed, born anew.

This could be your life, if only for a few weeks, in Grenada. Island life is something everyone must experience once to say they’ve truly lived, and there’s no better time or place than the present and Grenada. Pack your bags and get moving, all of this won’t exist forever; you need to get your piece of it, enjoy it and sample it and pack it up for later while you can.

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Island Watch: Luscious St Lucia!!!

Are you finally ready to take the big vacation you’ve been saving up for all year?  Or maybe you’re just ready to make a big move to a location that’s a veritable paradise.  Well, you need to check out St. Lucia!  An island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea, its tropical climate and wonderful atmosphere, as well as its hospitable and friendly people, will give you an experience that you won’t ever forget.

“The Land, The People, The Light.”  This is the national motto of St. Lucia, and it is a good representation of the kind of experience you will have on the island.  Hosting a beautiful volcanic landscape, it actually features more mountains than any other Caribbean Island, the highest point of which is 950 meters above sea level.  In fact, one of the most popular tourist locations is a drive-thru volcano!

Home to some of the best Caribbean food available, St. Lucia can give you a dining experience that’s a vacation all by itself. From Colombo to bakes or salt fish and green figs the huge variety of food on the island is guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.  The best Caribbean recipes can be found on the island of St. Lucia, home to some of the best West Indian foods in the world!  You can find many of these Caribbean recipes online to give yourself an idea of what to expect!

St Lucia isn’t just home to food and volcanoes though.  Music is a big part of St. Lucian culture, which is host to many genres, including Calypso, Salsa, and Reggae.  In fact, St. Lucia has held an internationally acclaimed International Jazz Festival since 1991!  In addition to all of the wonderful Caribbean food and music at your disposal on the island of St. Lucia, there’s also a rich and diverse culture for you to explore.  St. Lucia is home to the renowned artist Sir Dunstan St. Omer, who was knighted in 2010 for his contributions to the arts.  The island is also home to the Nobel Prize winning writer, Derek Walcott.

With so much to do on the island of St. Lucia, you might be trying to figure out why anyone would ever want to leave.  Well, the country has been experiencing a population boom for 1.5% every year for the past 5 years, and for good reason!  With such a rich and varied experience to be had on the island, you’d be doing yourself a favor by checking out all of the things this wonderful gem of a country has to offer!


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Caribbean Economies in Decreased Tourism Threat: ppassengers will be taxed twice when they fly from January 2012!!!

Hi Guys,
I woke up this morning to a very interesting email regarding Caribbean airport passenger duties, and the excessive charges that have/are going to be proposed.

In order to stop this from happening, take a quick read below of the original message and then go head and sign the petition peeps!

Dear All,
Based on the feedback received regarding the issue of ‘Airport Passenger Duty’, the threat it poses to the tourism industry in the Caribbean and the ability of the Caribbean community in the UK to travel to their countries of origin, we have started an e petition.

The petition asks the Government of the United Kingdom to

“Abolish or reform the Airport Passenger Duty and protect Caribbean economies from a decrease in tourism”

In order to force a hearing in Parliament we will need to achieve 100,000 names, so your dedicated and sustained support is required to achieve this.

Please find the link to the petition below:

I would like to thank you in advance for your support and ask that you circulate this information widely.

Did you already know about these charges? either way what do you think about them? Get messaging have your say!

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